Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Engineering from Solvay and already fascinated by human relations, I started my path in a company specialised in the development of personal skills providing training and coaching on the subject.

In parallel, I worked in an international bank mainly as an Account Manager for medium-sized corporates and innovative scale-ups. I accompanied their financial and executive directors with different banking services to support their projects and strategies.

After a lot of questioning about the meaning I wanted to give to my life and the way to realise my dreams, as well as having been accompanied in these reflections myself, I reconnected to my passion for human development.

I then embarked on a self-study project on psychology and personal skills for a year and a half. During this period I read a hundred books on the subject and created a collection of my best learnings.

Cultivating the motto « a sound mind in a sound body », I practiced up to 14 hours of sport per week and tested various approaches to the mind-body relationship such as the Wim Hof method, various breathing techniques and 5 Vipassana meditation silence retreats.

Alexandre Tielemans – Coach Personnel & Professionnel

All this naturally led me to become a Professional Coach & Business Coach, which I have been doing since April 2021.

On the way, I obtained the PCC certification validated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am also Group Coach of 2 ACTP programs, Courses Manager of the trainings in Brussels at Coaching Ways International, Leadership & Executive Coach for Ezra and External Coach / Trainer for Fopas and other companies. I am also Strengths Coach certified by Gallup.

Therefore, I apply my passion for human development to help people discover and pursue their own path, know themselves better and develop. As a result, they can feel more satisfied with the life they lead.

I have experience in NLP (Practitioner level), Transactional Analysis, Non-Violent Communication and Mindfulness Meditation (Vipassana & Search Inside Yourself training). Moreover, I deepen my knowledge through trainings, readings and seminars.

During my financial journey, I also completed the CFA® certification. My full profile is available on Linkedin.

I am now dedicated to accompanying you to achieve the goals you have always dreamed of.